Nimble Adapters

The Nimble is designed from the ground up to be flexible in mounting. It is ambidextrous, based on an adapter system and light. For this to work there needs to be a list of adapters available. Here is that list.

Adapter list

Printer name Type Remarks
Hypercube Single Nimble  
Prusa i3 MK2 original Single Nimble  
Tevo Black Widow Single Nimble Quick release
Tevo Black Widow Single Nimble  
Rostock HE280 Single Nimble Complete hat replacement
E3D Big Box Single Nimbles 2 Nimbles side by side.
Chimera Mount plate Single Nimbles 2 Nimbles side by side.
Kossel mini Single Nimble  
E3D Big Box IDEX Single Nimbles 2 Separate Nimbles in IDEX config
Cetus Single Nimble  
DBot Single Nimble  
Ultimake MK2 Single Nimble  
Ultimake MK2 Dual Nimble  
Kossel Single Nimble With Piezo-electric sensor for bed calibration
Basic Prusa clone Single Nimble Like the Geeetech i3
Prusa i3 and clones Single Nimbles 2 Nimbles side by side.
Diamond Nozzle Single Nimbles 3 Nimbles
Diamond Nozzle Trium3D Single Nimbles 3 Nimbles
FLSUN Delta Single Nimble  
Robo3D R1 Single Nimble With quick release mechanism
Vulcanus Single Nimble  

Most of these adapters are available on our Thingiverse pages and on our Shapeways shop .

If you have developed an adapter for the Nimble, please let us know so we can add it to the list.