Parts List

Here is a complete list of all the parts of the Kryo including the quantity needed for the Kryo.

All parts of the Zesty Kryo

Parts layout

The following parts are not shown in the image:

  • E, Hose 6 mm OD
  • F, Hose 10 mm OD
  • G, Hose clamps 6 mm 2x
  • H, Hose clamps 10 mm 2x
  • , All the parts of the E3D V6

Kryo unit

Item Part name Qty Part Number
A Kryo Unit 1 Z03-07-0050
B Groove insert 1 Z03-07-0031
C M12x1.5 insert 1 Z03-07-0032
D Stub insert 1 Z03-07-0033