Calibrating the Nimble

Because of the gear ratio inside the Nimble, the steps per millimeter are a lot more than your usual number.


Start with 2700 steps/mm with a 1.8deg stepper and 1/16 microstepping

Try tuning without wipe and coast first, there’s no bowden tube pressure buildup, so coasting not really needed.

The Nimble has a nice flat surface you can use to set the ruler on, when measuring the filament, simply place it on top of the “ears” of the breech block. Use a light coloured filament, place it in the breech, heat up the hot end and start the process.

  • Measure 100 mm on the filament, by holding the filament against the ruler while the ruler stands on the breech block ears.
  • Mark the distance with a permanent marker.
  • Extrude 50 mm using the firmware controls.


Many firmwares extrude too fast for the Nimble when you use the menu extrude options, we suggest that you use the following gcode to extrude:

G92 E0
G1 E50 F300 ; extrude 50mm of filament at 5mm/sec

  • Measure the remaining length to the mark made.
  • Calculate the new number of steps/mm using the following formula:


New steps = current steps * 50/actual mm extruded (50 being the 50 mm of filament you wanted to extrude.)

  • enter the new value in your firmware settings.
  • Do the whole sequence again, to confirm that the steps per millimeter are now set correctly.
  • if not, recalculate and re-confirm.

Done! All the tuning and calibrations are done. You are now ready to start using the Nimble, so go to the Using the Nimble page or click Next.