Parts List

Here is a complete list of all the parts of the Nimble including the quantity needed for the Nimble.

All parts of the Nimble

Parts layout

The following parts are not shown in the image:

  • F, Drive cable sleeve
  • L, Drive cable
  • S, Lubrication


Item Part name Qty Part Number
A Bottom half 1 Z0N-07-0027
B Top half 1 Z0N-07-0028
C1 Drive cable clamp Bracket side 1 Z0N-07-0030
C2 Drive cable clamp Nimble side 1 Z0N-07-0029
D Groove mount adapter 1 Z0N-07-0035


Item Part name Qty Part Number
P Worm bearing 7x13x4 2 Z0N-20-0019
Q Gear shaft bearing 5x9x3 2 Z0N-20-0020
R Pressure bearing 3x7x3 1 Z0N-20-0021

Drive System

Item Part name Qty Part Number
E Breech block 1 Z0N-07-0031
F Drive cable sleeve 1 Z0N-07-0032
G Worm gear 1 Z0N-07-0033
H Gear wheel 1 Z0N-07-0034
J Gear shaft 1 Z0N-20-0007
K Pressure shaft 1 Z0N-20-0022
L Drive cable 1 Z0N-20-0023
M Stepper bracket 1 Z0N-20-0024
N Coupler 1 Z0N-20-0025


Item Part name Qty Part Number
T M3 Cap screw x 40 2 Z0N-25-0060
V M3 Cap screw x 6 4 Z0N-25-0032
Z M3 Cap screw x 8 2 Z0N-25-0056
W M3 Nut 4 Z0N-25-0061
Y M3 Set screws x 6 6 Z0N-25-0004